1985 – 2015


As an Executive in Finance in Australasia and in Europe, I reflected on the progression of women in the work environment and endeavor today to offer a route of concrete actions to accelerate progress.



In my thesis on Women and Leadership, as part of my MSc in International Management with the University of London, I analyzed the landscape and proposed a framework with recommendations for areas of development and innovation for transformational leadership.

October 2019


Round table presentation at McGill in Montreal, in collaboration with McGill Women in Leadership (MWIL)

December 2019


Launch of the first Women, Leadership and Philanthropy (WLP) initiative in Paris for McGill Alumni in France


Workshops based on real life situations for executive women:

1) Entry points regarding work experience, evolution and perception in the work environment

2) Defining environment, behavior, skills and capabilities, values and beliefs, identity and vision

3) Transformational Leadership: How to decode and experiment leadership the feminine way by reflecting on unconscious and hidden biases for advancement in the new paradigm and in the 21st century corporation.


Adaptative behavior during this enduring and testing period:

How we adjusted and the foundations for the future ahead.

Self-esteem workshop [Who do I aspire to be?]

Developing new awareness and purpose through defining and meaningful moments [resources, anchors, endurance]